Proto_verzija is the first single from the album "v12_prefix" which will be released by the end of 2022 for Geenger Records. The song was created in collaboration with the dear friend and fabulous drummer Maro Zajec. 12 songs were created in the hiatus between the studio albums of the band Embassy 516 and numerous engagements as composer for the theatre, fim and other projects.

Žarko Dragojević & Maro Zajec_Protoverzija.jpg
Žarko Dragojević_August & Slava.jpg
Žarko Dragojević_Maškarate ispod kuplja_Masquerades Under the Roofing Tiles
Žarko Dragojević_Tramvaj zvan žudnja_A Streetcar Named Desire
Žarko Dragojević_Priče iz davnine_Tales of Long Ago
Žarko Dragojević_Elegije od izgubljenog nađenog_Elegies of Lost and Found
Žarko Dragojević_Skrivena strana medalja_Beyond Medals